Portfolio > Hide and Seek in the Intersection of Artemis (Trains and Sewing Machines)

This is more of a painting with foil than a mosaic. Layers of foil and paint are woven together to create a tapestry wherein I sought the story of all of us. This is our environment visually meshed with just some of the endangered creatures and plants of our Canadian landscape. From the very small; like our many species of fresh water mussel and fungi to the very large; like wolves and polar bears, humans have entwined all of our existences with that of technology. Roads and rails are shown here cutting off the forms of the cropped figures from one another, who themselves remain inextricably bound within the piece. The intention here really, is to convey the sense of sadness and loss I feel by the disruption to the lives of non-humans and our environment by our own human migrations and industry.