Andrea Silk

Seductively reflective garbage, non toxic glue, acrylic paint and ink are the media at the heart of my work. These reflective surfaces are deceptive and alluring. Yet they are also unavoidably implicated in consumption based marketing strategies that exploit a human attraction to reflective qualities. This basic existential truth as well as light's connection to our subconscious is why I am so intrigued by incorporating found and recycled packaging into my work.

Ecologically though, using recycled material affords me the opportunity to reduce waste from goods that I myself consume as well as allowing me to engage with my immediate community. By accepting donated packaging from other households, I am able to reduce waste (if only marginally) while simultaneously raising awareness about packaging endeavours within the social spheres that I touch. Sadly even by heavily incorporating packaging into my paintings, to the point of almost total saturation, I still am unable to keep up with donations.

This obvious show of excess is why my works attempt to engage with and explore how humans intersect with environments we exist in, both natural like ecosystems, and man-made like cyber space. Pixelation and ideas concerning translation, memory and the sub-conscious are other huge themes that I explore through my figurative painting and the collaged fragments of the mosaic environments. Technically these works aren't true paintings, they are multi-disciplinary works. They combine painting, drawing, collage (recycling), as well as sculpture by incorporating 3D elements like pop tabs and snake shedding.