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This is a reproduction of sorts, its more like a dialogue with the original, Danae by Klimpt in 1907. I warped the figure of Danae to correspond with contemporary media centric standards of beauty. Yet I have subverted this idea by covering the entire figure with real snake shedding, even going so far as to place a shedding of a snake's head over Danae's exposed nipple. This was important for me to do because in essence her nipple then becomes unavailable for use (nursing, ect.) It is hers alone. Along the same vein I also eliminated the masses of dark hair that surrounded Klimpt's Figure, because I always imagined that it was Zeus's hair. In this way I am questioning his presence in my scene, so that the ecstasy of my Danae can be perceived as independent of a masculine presence. (Zeus)
And yet the divine aspect of this union of the self in my scene is no less Holy than if Zeus were there, thus I've strengthened the Halo around my Danae as well as enhanced the golden stream emerging from her with recycled gold foil and trays from sweet packaging ( to form 3D golden bubbles).

Dear Klimpt:..Danae Reborn
Dear Klimpt:..Danae Reborn
Acrylic, snake shedding, recycled chocolate foil, and recycled sweets packaging trays